Shear Blades

They are built with high-tool steel quality thet ensure reliability and durability wear and are suitable for cutting material with resistances up to R = 80KG/mm2.

The heat treatments are performed with equipment created specifically to ensure maximum yield.


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With peculiar attention we build tailor slideways with lengths up to 6200 mm and hardened in the heart or by induction. The finishing is performed with a tangential adjustment to CNC tolerance that allow very restricted and accordingly a better quality of the pieces.

For several years Tecnolame in a partner ofleading manufactures of stamping press accumulating experience and professionalism also in the construction of slideways cast iron and skates in bronze and steel.




Special tools for press brakes

Tecnolame produces special tools for working Sheet metal with lengths up to 12,000 mm in one piece, witch the sections even large.



The finishes and materials used in production the tools may be different, each according to the need of the customer.




Punches and dies made ​​of steel C45 finished planer, hardened steel 42CrMo4 finished planer or with the same steels anding induction hardening and finish grinding machine CNC.
For these production we offer a fast service regeneration that will make your tools as new worn.





Hemming Table

Built in the C45.
Height closed 98 mm.
Opening standard  20 mm.
A request also top openings.
Hardened areas of work and scrolling, with surface hardness
HRC 57/59.



Adjusted in every area of ​​up to 7,100 mm in one piece.
A request for up to 12,000 mm in length.
Even with the possibility of pneumatic locking of the matrix.





Special tools for High Resistance sheet metal

Know-how, skills and technologies, allow us to design and manufacture the suitable tools to bend high thicknesses or high resistance materials by ensuring the possibility to achieve high concentrated tonnage up to 700 T/m.


We can provide customized special punches with special height up to 1.000 mm combined with our automatic adjustable die which can change the V opening within 20 seconds regardless of the lower tool length.



All these tools are manufactured according to the customer needs.


Tooling for Folding Machines

Tecnolame manufactures as well tooling for folding machines up to 12.000 mm in solid length by ensuring the proper tolerances and accuracy.



These tools can be manufactured on demand by using high resistance steel.


Guides for machine tools

Guides upon specific design are manufactured with great care for machine tools.

The length of the guides ranges up to 5000 mm and they are hardened in the centre or by induction heating:

The guides are finished off with numerically controlled tangential grinders that ensure an extremely narrow tolerance and consequently additional quality of the pieces.

Special Blades

Tecnolame also manufactures special blades upon specific design.The blade length ranges up to 4500 mm for any type of application for cutting plastic, wood, paper and metals with a resistance ogf up to R = 120 Kg/sq mm without restrictions in terms of profile.