Who we are


Tecnolame has been operating in the field of rectilinear blades and guides tools since 1980.

Over the years the company has acquired much know-how, wich is now an added value of the products.

The products are indeed distinguished by the quality and the great care with which they are manufactured.

Following much experience, many specific and systematic controls have been established to ensure the lasting quality of the products.

Tecnolame is an alternative company that enhances its versatility, capable of providing the customer with the best service possible, rapidly and economically.

These are the prerogatives that allow the company to be an ideal partner for all its customers.

TECNOLAME uses CNC grinding machine to complete a range of expert services.

TECNOLAME is a company: flexible, fast, accurate and highly qualified, with the best value for money than the competition, features that have
allowed to become partners of the leading manufacturers of machine tools sheet metal working.
The company produces in a warehouse of 3.000 square meters and 2.000 square meters of open area.
For loading and unloading, also makes use of a vast number of machines:

  • CNC Milling up to 12.500 mm
  • Cnc drilling machines up to 5.400 mm
  • Planers Drills up to 10.000 mm
  • Tangential grinding machine up to 7.000 mm
  • CNC tangential grinding machine up to 5.000 mm
  • New conception vertical grinding machine up to 5.300 mm
  • Heat treatment procedure.

We give great importance to quality control checks in addition to engaging classic accurate measure also controls where required straightness and hardness with sophisticated Swiss hardness.